Free yourself! I am Linda. Spiritual life coach - Freedom coach - Energy healer

Are you a freedom seeker?

Do you want to break free?

Free from a life that is restrained by societal rules?

Free from the shackles of your energy-draining career?

Free from trying to fit into a mold that you’re not meant to fit into?

You are a freedom seeker.

A free thinker.

You understand there is more to life than the status quo.

Sounds like you?

The you will enjoy my Free Ebook: 10 steps to freedom.

It’s free, it’s easy, and it’s life-changing.

Download it now and start your journey to freedom today!

In this Ebook, you will learn:

✅ How to master your mind and overcome the fears that keep you from living your true potential

✅ How to align with your authentic self and create your ideal life of fulfillment and freedom

✅ How to cultivate a deep sense of connection to yourself and the world around you

✅ How to live your life to the fullest and feeling more free than most people ever will

✅ …and much more!

✖️ This Ebook is NOT for everyone. It’s for those who are ready to take action, to challenge themselves, and to embrace change. It’s for those who truly want to live a life of freedom, adventure, and fulfillment.

Are you one of them?

If yes, then don’t hesitate. Download your free copy of 10 steps to freedom now and get ready to transform your life!


Let me introduce myself


Nice to meet you!


I am Linda.

My whole life, I’ve been a searcher.

I always felt there was something I needed to find, but I didn’t know what exactly. A sense of freedom. Some kind of adventure.

It took me decades to figure out what it was I was trying to find… But eventually I found it, in the most unexpected way!

I found the answers to my life-long quest… in the forest! Isn’t that crazy?

After sitting in silence for hours on end, my mind got so quiet that everything suddenly made sense to me. In an instant, I found the answers I had been looking for all my life.

The quietness of my mind together with a mind boggling encounter with a group of roe deer, completely shifted my world view.

It’s hard to explain in words, but the experience opened something in me. A sense of connectedness that I had not yet experienced before.

After I left the forest, I instantly knew that things had changed. That I had changed. I knew this was the beginning of a new life. A freer life.

This was the epic adventure I had always dreamed of!

When I came home, an intense journey of reconnecting, healing and self development began.

By sheer coincidence (or was it?), I also discovered the power of energy healing. Without any expectations or knowing what it was, I received a healing and a very strong invisible force lifted a heavy weight of my chest that caused me to be unable to breathe deeply for years!

That’s when I knew I had discovered an extremely powerful force that could cure and heal me in a very natural way. I was so floored and also intuitively knew I was meant to become an energy healer myself.

In addition, I learned how to change my thoughts and feelings, and leverage my energy in a way that could help me live the life I had always dreamed of (read more on that below).

Although my journey continues and the best is yet to come, I have never felt as light and free as I’m feeling now!

“I want to create a more free and connected world.”

my products & services

In my free Ebook ’10 Steps to Freedom’, I’ll share ten essential steps to help you find true freedom.

These are all things I wish I found out sooner! It’s the book I wish I had a few years ago…

If you’re looking to find freedom in the outside world, you’ll never fully succeed. Only when you turn inward, can you truly be free. Don’t worry; your outer world will soon become a reflection of the new you!

Download my free Ebook here.

If you struggle to find your life purpose, you may be looking in the wrong place: something is blocking you from finding it!

Because finding your life purpose takes more than your mind. And it takes more than making lists of your strengths, talents, and passions (although those are certainly helpful!).

It takes reconnecting with your inner voice. It takes creating awareness of what is blocking you. It takes a strategy to find the answers!

In this workbook, you’ll find a complete strategy to help you find your life purpose. It includes a ton of fun, helpful exercises and questions to guide you on your journey. More info coming soon (download my Ebook to stay updated).

Click here for more info.

Spiritual Life Coaching

Sometimes trying to figure it all out by yourself just isn’t necessary. We all struggle in life.

Asking for help, guidance and support can go a long way!

As a coach, I help people improve their life on a mental, emotional, physical, AND spiritual level. Because if you’re not ok on all these levels, there will always be ‘a missing link’. (I know, I’ve been there!)

These are areas I can support you in:

✅ Uncovering your life purpose

✅ Becoming your authentic self

✅ Overcoming fears and blocks

✅ Creating your dream life & the Law of Attraction

✅ Intuitive development & protecting your energy

✅ Relationships

✅ Overcoming sugar addition

✅ Overcoming grief and loss

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Energy healing is a great tool to help you feel happier, lighter, and more free.

Did you know energy healing can be sent & received over any distance?

Therefore, you can receive healing from the comforts of your own home, anywhere in the world.

I know this may sound strange! But it’s something you can only experience for yourself. (Be open and give yourself the gift of discovering the unseen world of energy!)

Some benefits of energy healing are:

✅ It supports your body’s natural healing capacity
✅ It can help you feel more calm and relaxed
✅ It can boost your mood and help you feel more positive
✅ It can help release pain and trauma from the body
✅ It can help you relieve stress and anxiety
✅ It can help you release fears and

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Tarot Reading

The Tarot contains the wisdom of life and is an amazing tool for insight and guidance.

Ask me a question about your life, and we ask the Tarot for advice.

Book an online Tarot reading

(or contact me for an in-person reading)



“Never have I ever felt better!

Linda is a miracle worker, her energy healing has changed my life. I was skeptical at first, but that quickly vanished after just one session. I felt lighter, more confident and free. I couldn’t believe the way I felt, like it was too good to be true.

Linda does amazing work, I can’t thank her enough for the difference she has made in my life.

Thanks once again!”


“Linda’s distant Reiki healing helped me during a few difficult days last year.

I had to go through two weeks of intens medical examinations, dealing with physical pain and insecurity, not knowing what the outcome would be.

During the session I felt a lot of vibrations in my body, especially my chest and arms (I was being examined for breast cancer).

Afterwards I felt more relaxed and relieved. It was a very comforting experience. And in the end no breast cancer was found.

I highly recommend Linda. She’s an experienced healer, who dedicates her precious time on earth to helping and guiding others.”


“Linda is a very talented, professional & incredibly gifted healer who knows her stuff!

After our first session I noticed a huge difference; within 3 sessions I was more relaxed, open, confident, happier and positive. I’m so happy to have found you Linda, thank you for all your help!

Exceptional service & highly recommended!!!”


“I had a very nice conversation with Linda. I felt comfortable and could talk and share freely. It was also wonderful to talk while walking. It was a pleasant conversation because Linda took the lead in the conversation and kept the focus on the topic. She really provoked me to think differently about the topic and gave me the space to do so. Linda offered exercises and tips and truly listened to me without judgment. The conversation helped me see that I am already more on the right track than I thought I was, which gave me the enthusiasm I need to pursue the things that make me happy even more.”


“I found my coaching session super enjoyable! Linda immediately puts you at ease and is very approachable. She showed me new perspectives and encouraged me to implement some tips right away. I highly recommend this to everyone, so book your session!”


“Hi Linda! What a relief I have discovered within myself after our wonderful Ankh healing. Not only after, but also during the session, I felt a major shift. I loved how calm your energy was and how you explained what you have been doing after the session. This gave me insights and helped me understand where my blockages have been sitting. I will definitely be back! 🩶✨”


“Linda makes you feel very comfortable and also gives you information in advance on how the healing works.

The special thing is that the Ankh shows her the blockages! During the healing I felt a tingling sensation in the places where my blockages were. It is hard to explain, because you really have to experience it but I felt so much lighter afterwards. My tensions were gone, I felt more grounded… I found this a very special experience, it is completely different from receiving Reiki.

Linda knows what she is doing, is a super soft sweet woman. Definitely a recommendation!”


“My favorite part of the session was when Linda helped me look at my problem from a different perspective, as well as the questions related to that, such as: “How do you feel about that?”. That really helped me to feel more deeply whether it is something I truly want from the heart. I would recommend Linda. She is a very open, warm coach who makes you feel at ease and helps you to look at your ‘problem’ from a different perspective.”


“I had two distance healing sessions with Linda and they were both amazing experiences. The first healing was before my ayahuasca ceremonies. At that time, I was feeling all restless inside.

As Linda started the healing, I felt a bit sad for a while, but that feeling eased up before long. I could sense something stuck in my chest and heart, making it hard to breathe.

Linda picked up on the same sensation – even though I hadn’t told her about it before.

The second healing was 6 weeks later and totally different. I felt super relaxed, almost like I was floating. I had relaxing music playing, which helped me go deeper and made the experience visual. Linda picked up on the dryness in the back of her tongue and it’s kinda funny because I totally forgot to drink enough water.

Linda is talented in helping you to navigate your energy in a more healthy way. The distance energy healing is a calming and rejuvenating experience. It’s like a reset button that leaves you feeling more balanced and renewed.”


“I was fortunate to receive a distant Ankh healing and an activation whilst being hospitalized in South America due to acute appendicitis, including complications.

After surgery I was experiencing a lot of pain and was unable to go to the bathroom without crying.

Linda’s healing and activation contributed to a significant decrease in pain. I was able to go the bathroom without crying!

I highly recommend Linda as an energy healer. She is a lovely person and a dedicated, experienced, compassionate and knowledgeable guide.”


“I had distance Reiki sessions with Linda twice. In these two times I have had good experiences. In the beginning of my experience I felt some kind of connection, in my mind I could see Linda applying the Reiki, also I saw a nature background with sun light shining on the leaves. After that, I felt some kind of energy running through my body in the back part. I was tense, but in the end of the Reiki I felt calmer. It was like the tension had dissappeared. Linda is always very caring and connected. That was great! I recommend Linda for the Reiki sessions.”


“Huge thanks to Linda! Her distance Reiki treatment was so pleasant, and I massively enjoyed it! Especially when she was working on my third eye chakra, I felt like I got rid of my migraine, which is fantastic! It was very gentle and soothing. Afterwards, she gave me some insights that were very interesting. There is also something she made me aware of that another healer pointed out to me previously as well. That was incredible! 🙏”


“I’ve done several sessions of different disciplines with Linda in a short time, and I’ve absolutely enjoyed every one. Her sweetness and energy healing knowledge and techniques, made me feel always great, more relaxed and connected to myself. I absolutely recommend her to anyone interested in finding inner balance, more peace, self love and self understanding. We live in an energetic world, we are energy too. Having the chance to connect with someone that can help releasing the stuck energy we carry is really a blessing. Thanks Linda ❤️”

You are not your thoughts

Imagine being free from the tyranny of your own mind.

Imagine being able to choose how you feel, instead of being at the mercy of your thoughts.

Imagine being able to live a life of joy, peace, freedom and authenticity.

This can be your life too. This is a reality that you can create for yourself.

But how?

Simple: Understand that you are not your thoughts.

You may have heard this before, but do you really understand what it means?

It means that you are not the voice in your head that constantly judges, criticizes, worries and complains. You are not the stream of thoughts that runs through your mind every moment of every day.

You are something else. Something deeper. Something more powerful.

On a deeper level, you are only the observer of your thoughts.

You are the one who can watch your thoughts without getting attached to them. You are the one who can decide which thoughts to follow and which ones to let go. You are the one who can control your mind, instead of your mind controlling you.

And when you can control your mind, you can also control your emotions and feelings.

You can choose to feel happy, calm, peaceful or any other positive emotion that you want.

Does this sound too good to be true?

It’s not. It’s possible. And it’s easier than you think!

All it takes is some practice and awareness.

You can start right now by paying attention to what you are thinking and feeling. Notice how your thoughts affect your emotions and actions. Notice how some thoughts make you feel good and some make you feel bad.

Then, try to detach yourself from your thoughts. Don’t identify with them. Don’t believe them. Don’t let them define you.

Just observe them as they come and go, like clouds in the sky. (Meditation can help you practice this.)

And then, choose the thoughts that serve you best. Choose the thoughts that make you feel good. Choose the thoughts that align with your values and goals. Choose the thoughts that empower you and inspire you.

By doing this, you will discover the secret key to a free life.

You will discover what it means, on a sensory level, that you are not your thoughts.

You are so much more than ‘just’ your mind.

You just need to be open to experience it.

Set yourself free!


What if you could have the life you ve always dreamt of and reach your full potential

My Approach


If you´re unhappy, or feel something is missing from your life, you’re not alone.

We all struggle with a sense of disconnection from ourselves from time to time. But many people go without ever realizing when their mind, body, and soul are not aligned.

It’s understandable; we live in a disconnected world. Now more than ever!

Because we have so many options and distractions, we forget to take the time to connect with ourselves.

You try to find freedom and happiness in the outside world by changing your career, house, relationship, finances, friends, etc. But the truth is, you´ll need to reconnect with yourself first. 

Otherwise, no matter how rich or successful you become, you’ll still feel unfree and disconnected.

By quieting the mind, working with your energy, and learning to feel connected on a deeper level, everything else will fall into place unavoidably!


Do you feel as if you are carrying a weight on your shoulders? Do you often feel sad without a clear reason?

Past pain and trauma can get stored in your body when unprocessed or released. It then causes energetic blockages.

Those blocks can cause pain, sadness, or discomfort and develop into illness/disease over time.

The more freely your energy can flow through your body, the better you feel.

Therefore, it is vital to release pain and trauma from your system.

To feel truly free, you’ll need to heal yourself!

If you dare to embark on this ‘healing journey,’ you’ll experience a profound sense of freedom that doesn’t depend on your outside circumstances.

You can release blocks (pain and trauma) from your system by creating awareness and working with your mind, but that’s only one part of it.

You’ll also need to release the blocks from your body. Because body and mind continue to feed and communicate with one another.

Energy healing is a great tool for this.

Free yourself!

You may wonder: if this is so freeing, why doesn’t everybody do it?

Because it takes courage, honesty, discomfort and acceptance. Not always easy!

If you take full responsibility for your triggers, thoughts, and actions, you’re taking full responsibility for your life and your reality.

That can be painful. But it’s also the most freeing thing you can ever do!

You ALWAYS have a choice in how you react to any situation. No one can ever take away your freedom of choice. Never.

Because you’re in control of your reality (how you experience the world), you can shape it any way you choose!

The less you let your happiness depend on the outside world, the more free you become.

Let me introduce myself - spiritual life coach 5
Let me introduce myself - spiritual life coach 5

You will never be fully ready…

Take the first step now!

You can have the life you’ve always wanted.

But you do need to keep taking steps.

Reconnecting with yourself and healing is a process, and it takes time.

But it’s also the most valuable thing you can ever do!

Your life will change immensely if you dare to go down this path.

Don’t wait too long; you won’t live forever. Take the first step today.

If you have a question, feel free to message me!

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